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Title: What is a Group Membership Board and how to start one
Post by: pmp6nl on July 18, 2005, 12:55:50 AM
-  A Group Membership Board is a board where only certain people are allowed to have access.  These boards are great if you have a campus club or organization.  The board moderator (someone from the club or organization) will decide who will be allowed to view/post on the forum.

-  A board such as this will provide a great place to keep in contact with others in the club/organization.  You can post anything you like for all members of the club/organization to see.

-  Please note that Global Moderators and Administrators will also be able to see the content.

-  If you want to setup a Group Membership Board or for more information send a message to pmp6nl (;sa=send;u=1) or email [email protected]